Watten House

Make your Legacy an Endearing Piece

Peerless masterpieces with timeless designs

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Set within the Watten enclave, Watten House stands as an embodiment of prestige and exclusivity.

Prestigious Address: Boasting a prestigious address, Watten House establishes itself as a residence of distinction, offering a timeless appeal to those seeking sophistication in their living space.

Educational Excellence: Within the coveted 1km radius lie two renowned Gifted Education Programme (GEP) schools, Raffles Girls’ Primary School (RGPS), and Nanyang Primary School, providing residents with access to educational excellence.

Spacious Living Redefined: Watten House introduces a range of large-format units, including 3 to 5-bedroom configurations and Sky Bungalows. This ensures a spacious and luxurious living experience, catering to the diverse needs of its residents.

Exclusivity in Landed Enclave: With a commitment to low-density living, Watten House features only 180 units, fostering an exclusive and intimate community. Nestled within a landed enclave, residents can relish the tranquility of their surroundings.

Watten House stands as a testament to the concept of timeless living, offering a blend of elegance, educational accessibility, and spacious residences. This freehold development is poised to provide an enduring sanctuary for those who seek a residence that transcends the ordinary.

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