Hillock Green

Sculpting New Levels of Luxury

Where the luxury of time, convenience and nature is yours to own.

Quick Info

Nestled within the urban landscape, Hillock Green stands as a harmonization of the tranquility of nature with the practicalities of contemporary living.

Strategic Location: Situated in proximity to Hillock Park, Hillock Green offers residents a retreat within the city, blending a peaceful environment with nearby amenities. The development’s adjacency to a shopping mall ensures easy access to retail facilities, complemented by seamless connectivity from the Lentor MRT station, which is a mere 3 minutes’ walk.

Enclave of Distinction: Set amidst an exclusive enclave of landed properties, Hillock Green provides a unique residential experience immersed in the sophistication of its surroundings.

Optimized Orientation: A meticulous design feature of Hillock Green is the North-South facing orientation adopted for all its units. This architectural consideration maximizes natural light, contributing to an enhanced living ambiance.

Architectural Finesse: Hillock Green boasts three imposing tall buildings, exemplifying architectural finesse and adding a touch of grandeur to its skyline.

Hillock Green extends an invitation to those who value the seamless integration of contemporary living, natural surroundings, and architectural sophistication. Beyond being a condominium, it embodies a lifestyle where convenience converges with refined elegance. Explore the possibilities and consider making Hillock Green your next residential sanctuary.

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