Asset Progression Planning

What is Asset Progression Planning?

Asset progression planning is a systematic approach to create a strategy for increasing wealth or financial assets over time. It involves making strategic decisions and taking actions to maximize the value and growth of assets, such as investments, real estate, businesses, and other valuable holdings.


Why Real Estate is an Optimal Choice for Asset Progression

Unlike other investment assets, real estate is the only one that can be utilised. Currencies, stocks and other financial investments, by themselves  cannot be utilised.  Gold can be worn for aesthetic purposes, but cannot compare to the functionality derived from owning and utilizing a residential property. 

Most of the other assets that we own depreciate with time. Take for  example our computers, furniture and other consumables. Obsolence and wear and tear decreases the value of the item and ultimately represents an expense. In land scarce Singapore, property prices exhibit a consistent upward trajectory when observed over longer time frames. Utility does not result in depreciation, nor does it stop the property from appreciating in value. 

Furthermore, real estate can offer additional benefits beyond personal enjoyment. It can serve as a long-term investment that has the potential for appreciation in value over time. You can also generate income by renting out a property, making real estate an income-generating asset.

Properties can generate passive income in the form of rental. This can be used to fund mortgage loans and 

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